Good Morning: Friendsgiving

S1: Were you silent or were you silent?

S2: Hi, I’m Madison Malone

S3: Kircher, and I’m Rachel Hams, and you’re listening to Isyu, I’m on

S2: in case you

S3: missed it. Slate’s podcast about internet culture.

S2: Rachel, as it is just about Thanksgiving, I feel compelled to ask What is the one food that has to be on your Thanksgiving table or the meals a bust?

S3: Oh, definitely in my house cornbread dressing. Oh my god, I. I’m not going home for Thanksgiving this year, and I’m kind of really upset because of all I want. What about you?


S2: I’m about to just commit sacrilege and say that in my house, there is nothing we love more than the bagged premade Pepperidge Farm stuffing that you rip and dump and throw in some butter and stock. It tastes like my childhood. I will die on this hill man. I love me beverage farm.

S3: OK, honestly, we love what we love, it’s like how like the cranberry canned sauce is better than any homemade shit that anyone’s going to make, like give me that that stuff with the ridges from the tin can in it, you know, precisely.

S2: And I do recognize that my love of free bagged cubed stuffing is not real stuffing. It’s an item onto its own. It’s like how Velveeta is not cheese. Mm hmm. But I love it anyway. Now there were nice and hungry today on the show. We’re actually throwing a Friendsgiving minus the food because we know y’all do not like it when we make extraneous mouth noises. Hashtag Watergate. And also, that’s what we’re calling it. Water. The episode where we drank a lot of water, people did not like that. So we’re having a friendsgiving minus the food extra minus the colonialism. Mm hmm.

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S3: Mm hmm. Extremely minus the colonialists.

S2: I feel like so much of covering internet culture is unfortunately or fortunately, it’s fun, but it does require talking about the bad and dumb stuff online in a given week. So today we’re going to do the complete opposite and talk about some of the things on this here world wide web we’re actually thankful for.

S3: And since the Friendsgiving wouldn’t be complete without friends, we have invited two of our internet friends onto the show. We have got Buzzfeed culture writer and host of CBC’s pop chat, Elamin Abdelmahmoud, and Christina Grace Tucker, who co-hosts the podcast Unfriendly Black Hotties and as a writer at Autostraddle. They are joining us at our metaphorical table and talking turkey.


S2: We will be back with Elamin and Christina, who are going to give you all a little gift because they are delightful after a short break. So don’t go anywhere. All right, we are back at our Friendsgiving table with Christina Tucker and Elamin Abdelmahmoud. Welcome.

S1: Hey, hey.

S3: We’re here to talk about 2021, which is somehow almost over. But I’m going to ask a very hard question, which is what’s the first meme of 2021 that you remember?

S4: I guess it would have to be. We did it, Joe, because that’s how the year started. And so even though that was like in November of 2020 meme, I feel like it really came into being when the inauguration happened. So I’m going to say we did it. Joe was the earliest meme I remember Elamin.

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S3: I feel like my first meme is also inauguration based. It’s the the Bernie meme. But Christine, I want to ask you, what’s the first meme of 2021 that you remember?

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S1: I do think it is the Bernie meme, I think. And now that I think back on it and asking me to think back to the beginning of 2021 is so hateful, I’m

S3: so sorry

S1: so long ago. But I I do think it was Bernie. I think that’s the first thing I remember is that old man just photoshopped that chair and every ding ding damn location on the Earth and

S4: the midnight

S2: movie mine is not inaugural at all.


S1: OK, brave, I’m

S2: going to say a lyric to you and I’m going to transport you, which is soon. May the Wellerman come

S1: bring us to bring our money from me. I’m going to bring low sugar energy. And yeah, I mean, one day into the tongue is done will simply have to take our leave and go, Wow. Yeah, absolutely a banger.

S4: Frankly, I’ll drop in bars right now. That’s crazy.

S1: Now, the weather man did have like a absolute choke hold on me, and one could argue, maybe still does.

S4: So it was like this period of time where, like, it was like the weatherman and then like, as you was coming down, we got like Olivia Rodrigo. Like, he was like, You just sort of like the crisscross right at that same moment. Big money. Big month for everybody. Big man.


S2: Let’s talk trends a little bit. Elamin Was there a trend that popped up in 2021 that you liked and hope sticks around?

S4: I like now that my people have gotten better at this particular challenge and they’re no longer out here hurting themselves. I would like to sort of do the milk crate challenge all over again, like the first period of time was like, Y’all are acting reckless. Everybody is getting hurt. Are your arms OK or your back’s OK? Are people going to the hospital over this? I’m very concerned, but I feel like we’ve now mastered the milk crate. I feel like we now understand the mechanisms that make the milk create such a dangerous thing. And so I’d like us to have a go at it again and see how we do this time around.

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S3: I’m down for that. Christina, what about you?

S1: I feel like this year I’ve noticed a resurgence, not maybe not a resurgence, but an additional content that is for me, MILF content. And I feel like the teens are into MILF content in a way that I’m like, first of all, I was kind of your first celeb once you guys what it was like. Also, because of the people, the people that they are like, This is a MILF. I’m like, Elizabeth Olsen is thirty two years old. I was like, What? What do we mean? But I do think it’s beautiful that this, you know, this thing that has been what someone could call my brand has been really taken over this last year, and I think that’s a really gorgeous thing.


S2: What is your favorite thing that happened on the internet this year?

S1: I do think that Oprah silenced that moment. Were you silent or were you silenced the way it was just one of those pure things? Everyone was like, This is funny from this interview. And then just slowly watching it and get turned into meaning anything and everything. Someone, you know, quote tweeting you on private. Was I silenced? Like, who knows? Like, there were just so many avenues that that little meme travel down, and it was just a thrill. And it was a real reason that we all have to remember that Oprah is the goat for a reason.

S3: She remains iconic. I mean, she’s given us so much that hand gesture. I feel like it’s like the the growth one from insecure, where you don’t even say anything anymore, like you’re just like silenced.


S1: Mm hmm. Beautiful. Beautiful.

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S2: Rachel, it’s yours.

S3: I got to say the twilight renaissance that happened near my twilight. I mean, The Twilight Saga, which I think was inspired by Midnight Sun, the new book and also the movie is being put on Netflix. But just the proliferation of Twilight content. Bella, Where the hell have you been loca? Like, I trust Stephanie Meyer has given us so much, and I don’t think we’ve properly thanked her for it.

S4: I think we have.

S2: My favorite thing is not terribly Nash, but I’m sorry. I’m still laughing about the ever given getting stuck in the canal. What a beautiful. How many weeks did that go on? Just a glorious time on the internet.


S4: Three, as far as I know, it’s still stuck in there because I actually, like refused to believe it has been unstuck, like that’s just the story keeps on giving. You know,

S1: it was really quite a time. It just got stuck. Like it literally was just like a big ship got stuck. End of story.

S2: Oh no, our boat. It’s stuck.

S4: But it’s the we we projected ourselves onto the ship or like, You know what? Same. Honestly, yeah, I feel the same way as this fucking ship stuck there. I mean, look, I don’t know where I’m going with my life, and neither does the ship. And so who can relate?

S3: You know me, who hasn’t once interrupted international trade for three months because they made a stupid mistake? You know who among us?

S1: I imagine every tiny mistake I make has the same international nature.

S3: Yes, exactly. Did y’all know there was fan fiction written about the boat in the canal? I feel like I have to.

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S1: OK, so that’s funny, because every time I saw Ever Given, I did think to myself that this is a fanfic title like this just sounds like a like a slow burn a you that hasn’t been completed for years. So I think that’s actually incredible, and I think the internet is amazing.

S3: We’ve gone pretty mainstream with our meme tests so far. And I’m wondering if you all have like a niche meme that you wish more people had seen this year.

S2: Christina Thoughts,

S1: you know, I’ve been really thrilled and blessed by, like extremely online teens making fan cam videos. And I think for me personally, the fact that they’ve been making Morning Show fan cam videos specifically because of the fact that Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Margulies are allegedly dating on that program, it makes no sense. Just go with it. But it’s just really beautiful to see. Like many edits of a mediocre television set to like Dua Lipa’s good and bad, it just makes you feel like safe and like. And to be clear, to all fan cam vids of any kind of ships should be set to good and bad. It is absolutely a banger goes absolutely off. It’s just it’s very beautiful to see like this new these teens really coming into this space and saying, You know what? We can make deranged content about this Apple TV flagship program that no one watches watch.

S2: Just just you and me, Christina, just you and me

S1: just holding it, holding down the fort that

S3: y’all in the teens

S2: mine came from Tik Tok. I’m thinking about the fact that I can no longer hear Doja Cats kiss me more without doing the like limp wristed thing. And that brings me a lot of joy. I usually enjoy it. Like the videos on Tik Tok. You get that song playing in a crowd, and all of a sudden you just watch like a good zillion little queer hands. Go up and go, think, community.

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S1: I did it recently, like a bar or something like I was. I was in in conversation with somebody and then it happened and I was like, Did you like, I don’t know. I can’t be responsible for what my little gay hands do. I don’t know. Well, you

S4: know, it’s fucked up. It’s like, I just did it in a car. Like, I was just like driving on my own and I’m just like, Oh, it’s coming. And I took my hands off the fucking steering wheel to be like, Let us take a moment to recognize this contribution. I didn’t realize I was doing it, and I was just like, Find myself doing it in the middle of like a highway anyway. The internet is in my brain, is what I’m trying to say,

S2: in case that last exchange sounded like absolute nonsense to you. It’s a Tik Tok trend that begins with its scissor right singing the verse actually caught dipping with your friend. You ain’t even had a man lying on yet. And then the song goes, Man, I know that it’s a little bit. And the joke is, if you’re queer, you drop your limp wrist in time with the think.

S3: Wait, I’m sorry, you actually know the lyrics to that song? Yeah, that

S1: was. I was also shocked.

S4: I was like, OK, that’s a flex. But anyway,

S3: I don’t understand anything since I says it’s just vibe.

S1: Yeah, absolutely, vibe.

S2: We’re having such a great time talking with you guys, but we do need to take a quick break when we come back. We’ve got questions about your favorite and horniest things of 2021.

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S3: More on that after the break.

S5: Winning and losing name, it’s.

S3: And we’re back with Christine in Elamin. I feel like this chat has not gotten nearly deranged enough. So what is the horniest tweet and what’s it taught, but you’ve seen this year? I’ll go first because I feel like we need a little bit of time. But there was this Tik Tok trend where just people were realizing that their sexual awakening was the Prince of Egypt. And we’re just doing like videos of Moses who like, I don’t know if this is blasphemous. That man

S2: was hot like

S1: all of them. Or are you kidding? Yes, that’s a hot, stacked cap.

S2: Yeah, deliver me specifically, really.

S1: Quite literally.

S4: I think I think mine came from for Meek, and I don’t know what meets his last name is y’all. But anyway, meets a good egg. He tweeted this tweet and he was like, Wait. Big Bird is eight foot two and vaccinated, and that was the hardest thing that I’ve seen. He was just like, really having it? Yeah, I know I made the same face, Rachel. I absolutely did

S1: not Big Bird. He’s a child, isn’t he? I mean, he’s a Big Bird guy. More to the point.

S3: Well, we just talked about animated characters. I don’t think we have a place like a like to say God is actually

S2: bird supposed to be like six years old. That’s what I just said.

S4: I don’t know who he is, but I know he’s supposed to be eight foot two and vaccinated

S3: Big Bird just backs waxed and ready and ready to go. All right. Well, now though, we’re going down for that, Christina.

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S1: I really can’t. I mean, honestly, the first thing that came to mind was like my own deranged Twitter feed of being horny for like every woman on Earth, which is mortifying. But specifically Hannah Waddingham and Ted Lasso, the woman is so the way she’s so tall. I had a lot of thoughts about her height and other attributes and the things that I would be fine with her doing to me. So I think that was probably my most like, haunting, deranged moment online. And I know my TikToks have got have been just not for God. That’s not God. Whatever is happening in my in my legs over there, but I can’t think of one that jumps to mind or that I’m willing to out myself as being disgusting on a podcast.

S4: What I appreciate about this is I was like, Oh, you could pick anything on Al Gore’s internet as the horny thing and you’re like, It was me. I did it. I’m the one. Yeah, no, it’s me.

S1: I was the horny one. I think. I think it was me all along.

S3: That’s beautiful.

S2: Yeah. I can’t decide of mine is actually horny or frankly, the antithesis of horny. Do you remember when Scott Galloway, who’s that like, NYU professor, such like marketing writer, podcaster, multi-hyphenate guy did that insane tweet where he was like, What happened here? GameStop is about sex specifically. It’s about how young men aren’t having an up sex because young women are withholding it from them. And that’s why they went all in on these insane stocks.

S1: No, I missed that day. Unfortunately, I’m

S4: very happy that I missed that day completely.

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S3: I think you’re alone on this one. I don’t remember this the

S1: same little boat for you to be a

S2: May quote. May I quote, please do.

S1: Yes, I don’t.

S3: I mean,

S1: sure,

S2: what happened here? It’s about sex. Specifically young men not having enough sex. Sex leads to relationships, obligations and guardrails. Don’t get in fights. We need you. Don’t gamble your paycheck. We need to save for a house. A bored, angry young man is the most dangerous person in the world. When countries have unemployed young men who are single, the likelihood that the country goes to war escalates. We have cut the share of wealth of young people in half in the last 30 years. Our young men in a basement, not at work, not having sex, not forming connection with an RH account, a phone and a stimulus. And you have the perfect storm of volatility as they wage war against the established players while squeezing the dope back harder and harder. My goodness. How did you guys miss this?

S1: I’m very sad. Ring a bell, but I’m pretty good at being like that. It’s not interesting to me, so I can’t see it.

S2: We saw all year.

S4: That’s unhinged. I’m so sorry that I missed that. I feel bad for this deeply unwell.

S2: I feel like I backwards ask this already. But do you guys have a tweet or a TikTok or a meme that is likewise seared into your brain from this year?

S4: I like automatically at all times. Every time that I close my eyes begin to replay frame by frame, and I slow it down the entirety of the tick tock of the couch guy. And I’m trying to figure out if he had the phone in his hands or if he was handed the phone, and I’m pretty sure he was not handed the phone. But this does not matter because I have seen so many iterations of that video zoomed in, zoomed out, flipped upside down for no fucking reason that now I just close my eyes and that’s the movie. Instead of watching my own life as a movie, I’m watching that fucking movie. And I’m watching Coach Guy produce a phone from somewhere I don’t know where he produced it from. Is it his own phone? Yes. Where did it come from? I don’t know. Is he having this year? I think so. I think he’s just being shy. Do I keep thinking about it? Yes. I would like to stop thinking about this. When I’m trying to say is someone helped me somewhat. I, I need help.

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S2: I know the wrong place, right?

S1: Yeah, yeah. This is not going to get you out. Damn it, anyway.

S4: Coach Couch Guys is the one that I keep returning to. Not voluntarily. I don’t want to be like this. I just am.

S2: What’s the best interaction you’ve personally had on the internet this year?

S4: I don’t know. Listen, my Twitter is just good vibes, and so I have good interactions all the time. I’m not one of those people who are out here, I don’t know, antagonizing people trying to start fights. That’s not me. I watch other people’s fights. I’m very interested in them, but I have nice interactions on a daily basis. I so I would like to say that the the the the nicest interaction I’ve had on the internet this year was probably my last tweet. I don’t even know what he was. It was just probably just good vibes to nice.

S1: Mm hmm. I will have I do have to say every time I find myself thinking about the musical later. Madison is also thinking about the collider, and that I think is really like a beautiful space for us to like, live in and bring community into the space. I just always see a tweet, and then she will immediately follow up with, like Christine, I know you’re about to like this and I’m like, Yeah, dog, absolutely. That’s so

S4: nice.

S2: It is a story of a love that flourished in a time of hate. How could you not be thinking about that? 24 seven?

S1: I am. It turns out, so we are just vibing happily.

S4: I can’t believe I’ve never thought about the musical Aida.

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S2: I’m thinking about it right now, Rachel. Best interaction you’ve had this year other than, you know, us following each other.

S3: I was honestly going to be a little corny and say the internet brought us together this year. But now that you fucking ruined that, I have to think of something.

S4: The wholesomeness that so

S3: I’m I know, I have to think of something else. I don’t know. I think I saw a lot of good sub tweets this year. Like, I know it’s just be wholesome, but like I really feel like I myself sub tweet game was on par.

S4: Like, it would be nice, hackable.

S3: It is nice because I’m not. I’m not adding like it could be worse if it’s really I’m. If you think about it and being benevolent like they should say, they should say thank you.

S1: Hashtag, I’m with her. I agree. She’s running. Let’s go look.

S2: But for me, I think mine actually was relatively recently. We had a day where a bunch of people high thank you followed our show in very rapid succession. Also at ICE. Why am I underscore pod? The memes are good come through. And so Rachel tweeted something like, We’re so glad you’re all here, but where? Where the hell are you coming from? And so many people in earnest were like, I’m in Washington, D.C. I’m listening for Puerto Rico, like big fan from the Pacific Northwest. It was so sweet. If you’re listening and that was you. It really made our day. Yes, very much appreciated it.

S4: Hang on. I didn’t know that we were allowed to be earnest in answering this question. But if we are, yeah, I’m fine. I too is a brand. Yeah, but I was trying to dial back the earnestness and so to go full earnest. I have a book coming out, a book coming out in May not to plug the book. This is not about the book, but the real point is when I posted the cover reveal, I’m like the pre-order link. People are hype man. And that was just really sweet. Also, because I’ve been writing it for a really long time and it’s finally coming out. And so there was like a little bit of, Oh, Elamin finally finished the book congratulations. But also the thing was just like a lot of like just good vibes and good energy. And that was that was nice. That was a nice internet moment.

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S2: Oh, thank you. But I will pre-order son of elsewhere, wherever you get your books. Oh my god, stop.

S4: Go on or

S3: your local bookstore.

S2: Yes, do it. All right. So we’ve hyped Elamin book Elamin. Christina, can you tell our listeners where they can find you on Al Gore’s internet?

S1: Yeah, absolutely. You can find me on Al Gore’s internet tweeting constantly at C underscore grace t. It’s not well, but you knew that going in. You can also find my writing on Autostraddle dot com, the website and other various places that you will find via my Twitter because I be freelancing and who knows where all of those things live? Tough to say.

S4: I’m also on Twitter. That’s my home address. Like, I live in a house, but really like my real home address is Twitter and my handle is Elamin 88 spelled Elamin. Am I an eight eight? There you’ll find links to the dumbest shit that I have that comes across my brain, and then you will read it and you’ll be like, Why did you put this out in the world? And I will say, I don’t know. It just felt like a good tweet that is doing numbers. So don’t question the strategy.

S3: This was incredible. I had so much fun. My face actually kind of hurts from laughing so hard. We’re so glad they you could be here.

S1: Thank you so much for having us. This was a damn blast.

S4: Thank you for inviting the chaos.

S2: What is the Friendsgiving, if not chaos? Once again, that was Christina Tucker and Elamin Abdelmahmoud. Thank you so much for being with us, guys.

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S3: All right, that is the show. We’ll be back in your feed on Saturday, so definitely subscribe. It’s still free because again, this is the season of giving and we love to give you all free shit. And of course, the best way to never miss an episode is to hit that subscribe button. Please leave us a rating and review in Apple Podcasts, and the best gift for your friends this year is a subscription. I see. Why am I? You can follow us on Twitter at I See Why I Might Underscore Pod, which is also we can do most of your questions and tell us potential guests you might like on the show. And as always, you can drop us a note. I see. Why am I at

S2: I see Why Am I is produced by Daniel Schroeder, our supervising producer is Derek John. We’re edited by Forrest Wickman and Allegra Frank. Alicia Montgomery is executive producer of Slate Podcast and a special shout out to Amber Smith. See you online

S3: or at the dinner table.

S2: We recently were discussing an Eminem song in which the Eminem song for Venom Venom, where the chorus is him going venom, which Rachel didn’t know had words.

S3: I just thought it was the sound of like, you know, the kind of someone who goes like

S2: me and

S3: said, It’s it like when he says Venom.

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